Monday, January 14, 2013

The Genie Bra Wasn't Invented By a Genie

I know, I'm disappointed too. The woman on the package looks perky and cute.

Besides that, I fell for the oldest marketing trick in the book, what I call the "dark magic factor" -- when a company uses words like "voo doo," "magic," and "genie" to (at least subconsciously) trigger your brain to believe something out-of-this world is going to happen when you use their product.

I mean, I guess, in this case, it kind of did... if you consider that my boobs sagged like they were under the gravitational force from some other planet.

Everything else about the genie bra held true -- nice fabric, holds its shape, looks more like a tank top than a bra under clothing, which I like.

I can wear it over another bra for added support, and it does work well!

Allow me to just make one minor adjustment to the ad image... (as I use my teeth to pull the cap off of my virtual marker):

There we go...

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Unknown said...

That was quite humorous, Gretchin!