Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nathan Fillion Saves Date Night

So, last night was our first official "date night." I suggested making an official weekly night for us as part of my overall cleaning schedule/plan for household harmony. We ordered Chinese food, but E ended up getting to bed later than planned, so we ate dinner with her. By the time we got her to bed, it was almost 9:30. Boy, was I sleepy. Not only that, the elastic in my underwear was starting to give.

When I had my hospital visit 2 weekends ago, Mark had packed a bag of all my favorite clothes (including undergarments) to bring to me. He packed about 6 pairs of underwear. Then he accidentally left them in his sister's car, and we didn't get them until this past weekend. So, I've been wearing my maternity underwear, and they sag now that I'm not... pregnant.

But, besides that... I had to ask him, "Why on God's green Earth did you pack me 6 pairs of underwear?"
He put his hand to his brow and shook his head in defeat, "Gretchin. I told you. I didn't know what had happened. You were sick. I didn't know how long you would be in the hospital. I didn't know if you had pooped your pants."
"Well, I didn't. Let's get that clear. And if I had, I don't think it would have taken 6 pairs of underwear to recover."
"Fine. Listen, I panicked," he said, annoyed.

So, fast forward to after dinner. I'm in the kitchen up to my elbows in my pants, back arched, butt sticking out, trying to pull my maternity underwear up from my knees to where they're supposed to belong. Mark comes around the corner.

"Ummm... What's going on?"
"I'm having a... problem. You weren't supposed to see this. I shouldn't have to explain myself."
"Well, I think you need to."
"My underwear need to be adjusted."
"That much?"

As soon as I fixed myself, I tried to change the subject, "How are you feeling? You were just in the bathroom long enough to watch the complete Lord of the Rings trilogy."
"I'm okay. Still sick, though."
He then provided more details than necessary... while I checked Facebook and updated the blog.

"Mark, can I tell you something?" I asked.
"This is the worst date I've ever been on. Seriously, what happened to us? Maybe we should play Parcheesi or something. Twister? I don't know... I'm so tired."

I curled up on the couch. Before E was born, we used to love the show Castle. We're big Nathan Fillion fans, and we watched the show religiously. After E, we missed the beginning of Season 5. It was an eventful season, too, with Castle and Beckett finally getting together. I researched the episode history and found out where we left off, and we found out that Hulu had the complete season up to the current episode! So, we cuddled on the couch and watched it together, just like old times (except for a few baby interruptions).

It was sweet, simple. It was us.

Then it was us falling asleep... at 10:30. Ugh. But, I'm optimistic that we'll get better at this "spending time together" thing. We need it!


StakiMama said...

That's way too funny. yo

Gretch G said...

Haha!! Thanks, Staki Mama!!

Janice Gifford said...

Love this post, too. Your stories are great!