About Me

Photo by Kim J. Gifford
Hi! I'm Gretchin! I'm a silly, artsy mama from Vermont, who loves exploring the Green Mountain State with my husband and toddler. I'm a little different from the average mom in that, most of my parental coping skills involve singing, dancing, putting on silly theatricals, and painting rocks. My house is one filled with imagination, where magic is real, and where boots get sad when they have no feet to dance with. I'm an Editor at a publishing company by day and a Freelance Graphic Designer by night. I'm surrounded by love, buried in laundry, and looking for my coffee cup in a pile of unfinished art projects.


I love to celebrate our family’s everyday awkwardness, what makes us laugh, and what inspires me. I love anything that lets me express myself – crafts of any kind (scrapbooking, crocheting, painting, doodling), photography, design, dance, making music, making funny faces, chanting, and screeching animal noises.

Photo by Kim J. Gifford
Other Stuff:
I’ve lived in Vermont since 2001, where I attended college and met my husband, Mark. He’s lived here all his life, and it’s where we now make our home, with our daughter, E, who was born in 2012.

I work part time, on my own little patch of office land, at a cubicle farm. Mornings are spent shuffling (virtual) papers and sending emails as I manage the production of medical journals.

Afternoons are spent with my daughter – when our only goal is to enjoy our time together and occasionally pick up the apartment or prepare dinner.

Evenings are reserved for freelance graphic design work!