Thursday, January 10, 2013


I just had to reinstall my blogger app... E deleted it. Think she's trying to tell me something?

Ah well, I'm currently blogging over a piece of maple cheesecake. I took a mini mommy vacation and stopped at the local cafe after mailing E's birthday invites. Life is pretty good.

One of the new words E picked up this week was "pretty." She must have some idea about what it means, because she uses it in the right context. Though I love how she says certain words, for example, "toys" (with a glimmer of excitement in her eye), "pretty" gives me a glimpse into her soul, who she is, what she likes.

The first thing she put into the "pretty" category was a bubble. We went to the party store on Saturday, and I found some bubbles -- the good, old-fashioned kind you blow with a bubble wand. Since E is obsessed with balls, I thought she may take an interest in bubbles too.

We got home, and I forgot about them until the first night she was battling the flu. We were cuddled in the chair at 2am, and she was so sad. I was exhausted, so I took out the bubbles in hopes of keeping myself awake and distracting her. I started blowing waves of them across the living room. They caught the light from the TV, glowed bright, and burst in the air.

E squeaked out a "ball!" and a "pwitty..." And it was! So pretty! I got lost in the moment too. Every time I stopped to take a breath and dip the wand in the bubble solution, she would cry or plead, "Mama... Bubbows?" For 2 hours, I filled the living room with bubbles, until she fell asleep. I wonder if she'll remember... that I was not only the mom who would blow bubbles for her from 2-4am, but the mom who thought they were pretty too -- who could get lost in the mind of a 1-year-old and just fall in love with the simple joy of watching bubbles.

Other things that have made the "pwitty" list:
running water in the bathtub
a silver ball on Sesame Street
a sparkly box of Colgate toothpaste
my hair

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