Friday, January 4, 2013

That's Not Leopard Print, It's a Squash Stain

There's a new girl at work who wears the cutest clothes. Her fashion sense is effortless yet put-together, retro but new, charming and bold.

I, on the other hand, feel awkward with my frizzy hair, glasses, unintentional mom jeans, pink blouse with a squash smudge, and light blue cardigan with toast crumbs stuck to the sleeve.

Today was the first day I actually appreciated my "unique" style. Instead of seeing it as an awkward fashion statement, I recognized it as more of a fashion sacrifice.

In every aspect of my life that I feel I'm lacking, it's due to creating a positive for E.

My hair is frizzy, because I'd rather play with her than spend time in front of the blow dryer.

I skipped buying contacts this year to have more money for her.

When my jeans started to stretch and sag, I skipped clothes shopping to go to the toy store.

My clothes are stained and "crumby" from her using my shirt as a napkin/hankie/security blanket.

Suddenly I feel like a mommy supermodel!

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