Monday, October 7, 2013

Deacon Dad

What a beautiful weekend! It was my first away from E, but I handled it well. I drove to my parents' house in New York to attend my father's ordination. He's now a deacon in the Catholic Church. We're all so proud of him! The ceremony was so traditional and beautiful and well-deserved after 4+ years of classes and hard work. During that time, his father, step mother, and step father passed away, and my mom underwent 3 surgeries. As always, he was our rock and continues to inspire me to work harder.

On Sunday, I attended mass where he officially served as Deacon. Since I'm not a practicing Catholic, I couldn't receive communion, but I went up to the altar to receive a blessing from him. I also gave him a big, weepy hug and told him that I love him (so much)!

He had told me not to come, that the trip was too long, that he'd be worried about me traveling into the night, that I didn't have to leave E for a weekend just for this. It's rare for me to disobey him, but I had already made up my mind to go. How could I not? I can't think of one significant moment in my life when he wasn't by my side -- elementary school, middle school, high school, and college graduations; my wedding, when E was born.

On Sunday, after mass and after he taught Sunday school until noon, I caught him "stealing" my car to go put gas in it, check the oil, and put air in the tires for my trip home.

"You know, Mom already gave me money to help with gas," I said, as he got in my car.
"Yeah, I know."

Big sigh of relief on my part. We could use the help. He knows that.

And, I think what amazes me most of all is that, he just goes on with his life like normal, as if nothing has changed. He handles the challenges so gracefully. Both he and my mom take care of family the way they always have.

My grandma, Dad's mom, stayed with them for the weekend. She talks proudly about him, the way Dad talks about my sister and I, the way I now gush about how every little thing E does is just so amazing. "I'm just so proud of my baby," Grandma says as she beams. I know that feeling now, I really know it.

Back home yesterday evening and into a chaotic Monday readjusting to life with a toddler. The last 24 hours have been a rollercoaster of laughter and tears. But, more about that later!


Lisa S. said...

What a lovely post! Congrats to your dad.

Anthony Pastizzo said...

Thank You, You Make Me Very Happy.

Mary Mattila said...

WOW Gretch this brought tears to my eyes. Everything you quoted was right on about your Dad. He truly is amazing and I burst with pride calling him my brother-in-law.

Being a practicing catholic, I know the hard work and dedication becoming a Deacon requires. Words cannot explain how incredibly proud I am of him. :)