Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luke At Me Now

If you read the papers, you’ll know that Luke Perry has recently made an astonishing comeback via a hip, new, reality blog!

Over at the Luke at Me Now site, you can follow the “misadventures of a Luke Perry doll” as he travels New England and gets into all kinds of fun and trouble! Friends Melissa and Lisa have been journeying alongside Luke, documenting his every waking moment and sharing his thoughts and photos with friends and fans worldwide.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to sit down with Luke, Melissa, and Lisa this week to ask them about this new reality-blog sensation and Luke’s re-rise to fame: 
  • Lisa, how did you get the idea to collaborate with (Little) Luke on this project?
    Luke was staying with a friend of mine in IL for this meditation retreat, and he’d been talking about moving to New England so that he could work on his memoir and just detach from the Hollywood scene for a bit. So my friend put me in touch with Luke, and the rest is history! Just to maintain a little bit of anonymity, I won’t reveal where Luke is currently staying.
  • Luke, what was your reaction when Lisa approached you about this project, and how did you feel about suddenly throwing yourself back into the “Luke-light”?“Luke-light.” I like that. Can I steal that? Anyway, I had originally moved to Vermont to work on my memoir and just commune with nature. But Lisa’s friends were really eager to find out what makes me tick, which I totally understand, because I’m pretty awesome. So a blog was a natural choice. And when you, Gretchin, got on board as the designer of the blog, well, it was like kismet. And it’s not as invasive as a reality TV show, so I was cool with it. I mean, I really don’t want anyone to catch me coming out of the shower, although you would be impressed with the view.
  • Oh, gosh, it was really no trouble at all (blushes).
  • Lisa, what is your working relationship like with Luke? Do you two work well together?
    Luke is really easy to get along with and he’s pretty much up for anything, as you can see from the blog. We’ve grown pretty close over the past few weeks, and I think we’ll be lifelong friends, even if he does decide to move back to LA.
  • Luke, many of your fans (me included, ahem) were pleased to see the “gun show” this week. How do you manage to stay in such great shape?
    Oh, thank you, thank you. I like to please the ladies, for sure, so that can be a motivation. And I just want to be awesome forever. That’s my goal.
  • Luke, what do you look for in a significant other (giggles)?
    Besides tall women with luscious curls named Gretchin? (Smile.) Well, I like my girl to be adventurous, smart, funny, and sweet. She also has to be kind to animals. That’s a must.
  • Oh my word... (giggles).
  • Melissa, what’s it been like photographing the great Luke Perry?
  • It’s been a blast! Luke and I go way back, so it’s always nice when we get to spend some time together and traipse around different locations. As far as photographing him, he makes my job incredibly easy… am I right ladies??
  • Lisa, do you have any long-term plans for Luke’s adventures?I’m hoping that we can take some trips outside of New England. Luke’s traveled the world, but now he’s in a place where he can truly be a tourist. It helps that he doesn’t mind getting his picture taken, especially when there’s a lovely woman behind the camera.
  • Melissa, how has it been touring New England with Luke? Does he travel well?
  • He’s a diva. (I kid…) He’s incredibly reflective and introspective at times during travel, and dichotomously outlandish and adventurous, showing off his increasing flexibility and pliance, as well as his aforementioned awesomeness. He’s been a trooper about the locations and has really taken it upon himself to get into some risky positions to help us get shots we only dreamed about taking. He’s really quite versatile… and an extremely light traveler… less is definitely more with Luke.
  • Lisa, Melissa, where is Luke off to next?
    Only Luke knows!
Well, it was truly a lovely experience sitting down with these three! Thank you all for your time! I'll see you next time over at Luke At Me Now!

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