Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sims Confessions 2

Here's a random photo of a house fire they had.
So, are you dying to know what happened when we last left Faye and Rafael in the hot tub? I was curious, too! I picked up the game again last night.

If you need to catch up, the original story is here.

As Faye’s pregnancy progressed, Rafael was being a class-A jerk, so she gave up on wooing him and went after her first love, Barry Tenderlove. To make a fresh start, she actually confessed to Barry that she had been seeing other men and that Rafael was the father of her unborn baby. Barry wasn’t thrilled, but surprisingly, he didn’t have a meltdown like Rafael had when he found out Faye had been cheating (in every public place in Sunset Valley). Barry and Faye made up quickly, and he moved in with her.

Stylish Faye, bringing home Baby Heath
A few days later, Faye waddled up to the steps of the hospital in a sun dress and high heels and delivered a newborn baby boy, Heath Hawthorne. Barry helped so much with the baby, but he and Faye struggled to get along. Still, Barry was a stand-up guy and even visited Rafael to try to convince him to come over and see his son, Heath. Barry even proposed to Faye, and she graciously accepted!

Eventually, Rafael agreed to come over to the house and began visiting Faye and Heath regularly. One night, Rafael came over while Barry was at work. After the baby was in bed, Rafael and Faye got talking, then hugging, then kissing. Unfortunately, Barry came home in time to witness the event. As understanding as Barry was about Faye’s previous infidelities, this he just couldn’t take. He moved out immediately.

The good news was that Rafael finally seemed ready to take on some of the responsibilities of being a parent. He decided to move in with Faye, just to help with the baby… Faye finally thought she knew what she wanted, after being confused for so long – her family complete, her son’s father living with them. She and Rafael began slowly building their relationship again.

"I wear my sunglasses at night, on the toilet"
The only problem(s)? When Rafael moved in, Faye realized a few things about him that she wasn’t prepared to know: he was already dating 2 other women – Bianca and Jessica! Jessica was a vampire (I have the Night Life expansion, so she was really a vampire). How would that vampire react to her “boyfriend” being in a relationship with another woman and having a son? Yikes. Faye didn’t want to find out. She also soon realized that most of Rafael’s friends were already vampires. It seemed that Rafael may be next on the list to be transformed (shivers). Also, Faye caught him wearing sunglasses on the toilet and dancing like this out at the pool in the middle of the night…

Don't hurt yourself. -- Rafael dancing poolside
Faye didn’t know what to do. So, she turned to the only person who had been there for her from the very beginning – Barry Tenderlove. She went straight to his apartment. She hit the call button for Barry’s apartment number. She waited patiently.

Finally, Barry came downstairs… and promptly attacked Faye. They fought in a cloud of smoke a few times, she slapped him across the face. She tried to apologize, told him to calm down. He got more violent, so she declared him a nemesis. Surprisingly, this declaration, and nothing before, was what ended their engagement.

Still dancing...
Faye went home, defeated. When she arrived, she found Rafael happily caring for Heath. The next day, Heath grew from a toddler into a child. Now Faye had a big decision to make about Rafael – stay with a potential vampire, a horrible dancer, and the father of her child, or kick him out and restart the search for Mr. Right.

I checked her relationship status bar -- all her old flames had faded -- so she wasn't dating anyone, besides Rafael.

If she wants a new man, she's going to have start from square one. Ugh, I'm not sure I'm ready to revisit the dive bar scene with Faye... I did, however, notice that Rafael's brother is a celebrity, a famous singer I believe... Maybe it's time for a little family reunion!

Oh God...

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