Friday, October 4, 2013

Foliage Friday

Ok, so I know that it's technically Monday, but I'm adding this as a Friday post. Friday, I ventured across the lake to see my parents in New York. I thought that the sunset ferry ride would be a perfect photo opportunity to capture the Vermont foliage from Lake Champlain. It wasn't quite as "glowy" as I anticipated. It was more... um, black, silhouetted against the fading sun.

Still, I snapped a few pretty pics and particularly liked this one, below, with the ferry leading a (gaggle?) of geese, but I apologize for ending the week with a sizzle instead of a foliage explosion. If anyone has any of their own pics to share, feel free to email me, and I will post them!

Now I'm home and getting used to having a toddler again. Wow, this is not for the faint of heart! More updates to come!

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