Tuesday, January 1, 2013

E Talks in Her Sleep

So adorable to hear my 11 month old talk in her sleep... It's the most precious thing I've ever heard. She rolls over, takes a deep breath, then mumbles. So far I've heard:

-ball (of course, her main obsession)
-dog (self explanatory, second obsession)
-ba-ba (bottle)

I love how beautifully simple her wants and needs are. She spent the entire weekend at my parents' house chasing balls, watching the neighbor's dog out the window, and finding the comfort of home in mine and Mark's arms, curled up and cozy with a warm bottle.

Our adult needs are a little more complicated, like the need for validation:
Me: What's the name of the neighbor's dog?
My mom: Custard.
My dad: It's Rusty.
Mom: No, I'm sure it's Custard.
Dad: Are you sure it's not Rusty?
Mom: It's Custard!

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