Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tangle Patterns

This is one of my favorite tangle patterns. I found it through this woman's blog, where she calls it "cockles and mussels" and have used it both plain and with patterns on the circles, like the illustration below.

I really love making beach scenes out of simple shapes and using this pattern as the sea bed or shore.

In my most recent doodle (here), I used cockles and mussels for the star shape, then the pattern I used in the heart was Opus, found here.

I browse for most of my tangle patterns in Doodle and Zentangle books and at TanglePatterns.com.


Anonymous said...

Love reading your stuff!

AdminG said...

Thanks so much!!

Grace said...

I am so into doodles right now and this one is too way cool. Now thanks to you I have a whole double page spread of them in my journal. heehee. Might be too much huh? Oh well.

AdminG said...

Oh, awesome!! Would love to see them! Are you on Instagram? Thanks for the feedback!