Sunday, February 23, 2014

Handmade Doodle Cards

I'm sooo excited to offer a real, handmade product in my Etsy shop this week (HERE)!

AND!! ALL profits will go to help a local Vermont family in need.

I'm hoping to make 20 cards total, so watch your Facebook news feed throughout the week for new designs! If you're not already following me on Facebook (huh? why?), please click here to visit (then Like!) my FB page, so you won't miss the next batch of designs!

Each card is $4.00 and handmade by yours truly! If you see a design you like (or would like a custom phrase or name on your card), please specify when you place your order. Otherwise, I'll send a random design, chosen especially for you!

Shipping is free, so for the cost of a store-bought card, you can get a special handmade/custom card and help a family in our community! Woohoo!

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