Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Design Inspiration

I always do this... but, it's a process... right? I go and find all these sample designs for my project inspiration and make a nice, little folder for them. Sometimes I even group them into a collage...

And that's fine and dandy and fun... but it never fails that I then design something way too safe that doesn't fully incorporate the edgier feel I get from these designs. Their use of bold colors, contrasting blacks and whites are beautiful!

Ah well, it's a start -- a good place to make notes, a good safe space. It's a diving platform, if you will... And, the next step is the part I've always struggled with -- taking the plunge!

My issue with this site design is that I don't necessarily want to showcase my prints up front, and I feel this is an okay design for doing just that. It's not the best way to showcase my regular design portfolio. That's where I think a simpler design like Anna Dorfman's site is key.

My sister-in-law's site showcases her blog up front, which I love and think is smart. When you arrive, you feel welcomed by her, like it's current and the place to be (it is!), though I think my blog would need to be more design-focused to do that. And, I'm not completely against that idea, but I'm afraid I may feel boxed into the design aspect if I do that. Still, not the end of the world...

As I write this, Mark is whistling at me... which I think is code for, "Get your butt out here and help with this sick baby..." We're taking shifts to stay up with her throughout the night -- temperature taking and fever reducers every 2 hours until tomorrow. If her fever hasn't gone down, antibiotics!

Off to rock a (hopefully soon-to-be) sleeping baby and think more about creative stuff!


Janice Gifford said...

Just make that plunge, Gretchin! Always remember you are very unique, So just be more of you on your site. You are amazing! Look forward to more of your designs. I especially love the whimsical ones! You go girl---

Gretch G said...

I look forward to your notes so much!! Thank you!!