Sunday, January 13, 2013

One More Idea...

One more mock-up, then I think I'm just about OK with this... It might not be perfect, but it feels close to capturing everything I need it to emotionally.

I'm also switching my YMIS banner back to match... I smell a commitment!

In the mean time, I realized that I can't really call myself a "print shop" if I'm not going to print anything... ... Makes sense, right? I mean, I do hope to eventually offer prints of my digital printables but not yet, and I don't want to box myself into print right now.

What I'm really saying is that this is a "studio," a work space, a workshop. So, that's what I'm going with for now... I also added a little sign (too much?) for the exterior. I like this, because it gives it a little dimension, and it has purpose on the "interior" pages, where I would need more vertical space and therefore lose the sign over the shop.

So, here's where it stands... my *only* issue at this point is that I feel like it's a little too busy, heavy. It feels like the environment is given a little too much, instead of hinting at it more elegantly. I'm missing some airy white space, some breathing room. It still feels sort of like a restaurant, not necessarily a design shop (the chalkboard background isn't helping).

Still, I think I've taken it to one extreme, so now I can edit, edit, edit!

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