Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Me. Yes, It's All About Me!

I'm taking a me moment while Ellie naps. She's recovering from an awful bout of the flu.

I'm using my quiet time to think about my redesign. I'm still hanging onto this productive wave of motivation and don't want to waste it!

I feel like I always come to the same conclusion about what I'm drawn to, what I love -- that there are so many things I love, so many styles, that I don't know where to start.

Where would you find a retro radio, a mannequin head, a Beatles poster, antique books, a leg lamp?

Then it came to me... a thrift shop! My life is one big thrift shop! I'm a hoarder of cheap accessories, scuffed boots, and "80s Mix" cassette tapes.

What does it all mean?? I have no idea. I just feel like I found a category (or non-category) in which to store my "strange."

And there's something comforting about that. So, maybe my site/life style will feel a little more antique-y, but a little less polished, and a lot more loved.

I loved this feeling and idea so much that I almost rushed right into the name "Thrift Shop Studios!" Whoa, there! But the name was already taken. Gosh darn you, creative people of the internets!!


Janice Gifford said...

I'm loving all this new energy and enthusiasm, Gretchin. Also enjoy your very eclectic tastes. Lets face it, you are amazing!

Gretch G said...

Hehehe!! You're the best!! Thank you!