Monday, January 7, 2013

Holy Productivity!

I've been feeling super productive lately! Even with a 24-hour bug, I managed to clean my kitchen this weekend, clean E's play area, take the Christmas tree down, and complete 2 design projects!

Usually this is when I crash, fall into a depression, and let all that hard work go to waste. So far, that hasn't happened this week! Even more surprising, I want to do more!

I want to redesign my blog and main website. Again. Re-re-re-design! Haha!

It's just that... I'm starting to feel like I know who I am and who I want to be... And I want my site to reflect that.

E and I have been watching Blue's Clues, and there was a great episode about changing things that don't work or that you're not satisfied with. "Just change it," Steve said!

And I thought, "Maybe I've been spending too much time talking to a one-year-old." Then I thought, "Impossible. All good things come from having her in my life, particularly her love, ambition, happy-go-lucky attitude, and baby giggles."

And I just love change. I thrive on it! Change inspires me to want to make things better, prettier, to grow and improve! So, I think I'll just go with it!


KJ Gifford said...

Love it! Love You!

Janice Gifford said...

Gretchin, you sound so upbeat that you are inspiring me. Perhaps now I will be motivated to do my knee exercises that I have been shunning for days now!

Gretch G said...

Oh good!!! Still going strong over here!! Haha!