Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Print Shop... Er... Pub.

Thanks to the people of the internets -- specifically Bob Lussier of Lussier Photo, who kindly gave me permission to use his beautiful photo of the M. Ryan Bar in Ireland and change it into a whimsical version of my hip, dream design/print shop -- I made this little site sample.

I like it. Ok, I pretty much love it. Apologies to Mickey Ryan who probably never imagined that his bar would undergo a (virtual) renovation in which the trim went from a nice, deep teal, to um... purple.

But, I think it complements my more-whimsical design. I still have a few concerns about the use of this imagery, which I'll list below, but this is much closer to the idea in my head (some middle ground inbetween traditional, classical, and gritty whimsy). Gritty whimsy. I like that.

Ok, pros and cons... Cons first:
It still kind of looks like a pub. That's just what it is!

It incorporates a lot of colors (with my added purple).
I can't seem to escape the texture of the chalkboard. I keep falling back on it.
It's a little more rough-side-of-town, a little less home-town-grocery.

It looks like a pub!
It feels somewhat dirty/gritty -- it's edgy.
It has a European feel to it.
It can change. It can always change!
P.S. I wrote a lot today -- don't miss my last 2 posts, particularly Miss Belle's Impromptu Balloon Party!

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