Sunday, January 13, 2013

You Are Here. Design.

Is there any generic "place" that has not been claimed by design??

I decided that I would do a design "thrift shop" to showcase my vintage prints. I think it'll be under the umbrella of my main design site, so within GG design, I can really have anything...

It's my own copyrighted "village," I think. So, I can have a section called the thrift shop, etc. And I love this, because if I get sick of prints and decide I want to start making... um, bandanas, I can! Fruit cakes? Put a "For Sale" sign on them! Kaching! Whatever it is, just put it in the thrift shop! Who knows what you'll find in there! Haha!

Still, I'm annoyed to find out that every place of design has been taken...

There is a Design Thrift Shop, a plain old Design Shop (of course), Design Boutique (not surprised), Design Studio (obviously), Design Attic (which I would have liked), Design Nook, Design Barn (sweet and VT-friendly), Design Shack (where design serial killers hang out?), Design Basement (weird), Design Everywhere!!

In order to have my own, it'd probably have to be the Design Storm Cellar, the Design Bomb Shelter, the Design Trailer, or the Design Homeless Shelter. There's no where else to design.

Sidenote: What's up with all the weird design sites named after numbers? 76Design, Design10. The only one I like is Door Sixteen. That is cute, quaint, homey, and classy. I get it. The others seem to be faking some sort of hip reference to their studio number. Barf.

I want to design in a happy, little, old farmhouse, with a makeshift studio where I can watch E run around outside with a few dogs. I want to fill it with all my little weird, half-finished projects, and maybe sell the finished ones. And I only want to design for clients I enjoy working with, and I don't even care if I make any money.

Maybe I should design a site like that, that feels like home!

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Janice Gifford said...

Really love all your ideas, Gretchin.