Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ain't No Escapin' the Norovirus Blues

Well, my stomach done exploded
I got no reason to live
All day and night I sit and wait
I got nothin' more to give

To the grand commode
I've been payin' ma dues
There just ain't no escapin'
The norovirus blues

Just a little somethin' I threw together... Haha!

Turns out that we all have been exposed to the norovirus. Luckily, E seemed to have a baby version. She recovered in 24 hours. Then it hit Mark in the wee hours of Monday morning. I thought I had been through the worst of it during my ER visit, but it was just the beginning -- 2 days of hanging out in the bathroom for me too.

I also finally christened the non-skid puke bowl, which I'm quite proud of. This is my in-law's tradition. They own a collection of plastic mixing bowls with handy handles and some with rubber, non-skid bottoms. They use them for the ease of barfing anywhere, and I didn't truly appreciate them until last night. (They got us one years ago for a wedding present.) I've always had vomiting anxiety, so to be able to sit in the comfort of my recliner while getting violently ill was such a luxury. I texted my mother- and sister-in-law to thank them. I felt like an official member of the family...

This morning, we're all feeling a little better though still fighting for the bathroom. E got into her birthday bag and donned a pair of leopard-print pants as a cape. She's wearing them everywhere and saying "pitty."

"Yes, you're very pretty," we tell her. Beautiful, even. She's my little bundle of cheer getting me through this!


Janice Gifford said...

I'm glad you can still have such humor about a really sick time. Been thinking about you all, love you, Mom

Mollie Bryan said...

It's rough when the whole family gets sick. Feel for you. We have all been sick at different times, off and on, since NOVEMBER. Lovely blog, BTW. We met at last night's #scrapchat. Hope you feel better soon.