Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Uneventful Day

Wow, I bet the title of this post just brought 10 more readers to my blog... Anyhoo, it was a pretty uneventful day. No poop explosions, no crock pots croaking, no moon-size comets crashing into Earth.

E's afternoon routine went smoothly: day care pick up, play time, snack, nap, dinner, bath time, bed. I got lots of cleaning done while she napped today.

She struggled a little bit falling asleep before her nap, so I worked on a new rhyme for her. She loves fabric so I've always thrown her blanket over her, played peek-a-boo and gently ran the material over her skin which always resulted in a fit of giggles. I then like to pretend it's her shawl, a skirt, a head-dress, a scarf blowing in the wind, a sail on a ship out on the ocean. I sing songs of beaches and deep sea breezes and let the waves of the blankie wash over her. It inspired me to start a new little book for her. I can't wait to work on it more and maybe someday find someone to illustrate it! Andrea Joseph, please?!

Quote(s) of the Day
Me: Did you notice I cleaned the entire kitchen and dining room? Or were you not saying anything because last time I told you to not make such a big deal out of me *actually* cleaning something?
Mark: Oh, um, yeah... that's why I didn't say anything. Exactly...

Listening To
Random radio pick: Carry on my Wayward Son... Kansas.
Appropriate, because saying, "We're not in Kansas any more..." would suggest that something exciting actually happened today.

Weather in VT
Sunny, warm... bring on the rain!

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