Saturday, September 22, 2012

Ocho Loco!

Had a fun Saturday hanging out with my super cool family. E and I are finally getting rid of this congestion. I'm so happy! If I feel like I can actually taste food again tomorrow, I'm heading right to Ben & Jerry's for Cannoli ice cream!

We went out this afternoon to get bagels for lunch then visited a little gift shop where E charmed the store owner, customers, and customers' dogs. She was so cute! She loved the Halloween decorations.

She was a little fussy when we got home, so I attempted to entertain her by pulling the number 8 out of her floor mat and using it as a superhero mask. Mark named me "Ocho Loco" which I think is quite fitting and... hilarious. He says it in a Mexican accent with the fear of digesting Mexican chili in his voice.

E has gone to bed early tonight and I feel like I have to get at least 1 Project Life page done this weekend! I'm so far behind. So, enough writing, more Project Lifing!

Quote(s) of the Day
Me: Let's leave the stroller outside the store.
Mark: I don't like this idea.
Me: I'm trying to be more trusting of people living in Vermont. It's not easy for me. Don't make it harder. Now just take everything in with you that you don't want to get stolen.
Mark: Like the stroller?

Me: I have a hankering for steak. A stankering!
Mark: That doesn't sound right...

Listening To
Finding Nemo and the rain!

Weather in VT
Sunny and warm, then raining like mad tonight.

Ocho Loco!

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