Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Life - Under Construction

Today when I was driving E to day care, I passed an old farm house that's been in need of new paint for a long time. It's a post-card-worthy scene --
white house with black shutters, wrap-around porch, mountains rising behind it, a bright red barn, and cows roaming in the pasture.

Except, today, they had hired painters. Well, that's what I assumed at first. A paint-speckled tarp was spread across the porch roof, and a rickety ladder stretched to the highest eave.

I didn't see any painters, and it occurred to me that the homeowners may have just put the tarp and ladder out to make people think they were finally painting the house. Suddenly, it was OK that their home was falling apart, simply because the ladder was there -- a promise of home repair!

I thought I would adopt this practice in my own home, in my own life. Sink full of dirty dishes? Fill it with soap and water. Grimy floor? Put out the mop and bucket when company comes over.

However, these all seem like very temporary solutions. I think I should just get one of those Under Construction signs for my front door. I'm pretty sure they make Under Construction t-shirts too...

But anyway, the point is that my life really is in need of a new paint job right now... But I have the tarp out and the ladder up!

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