Monday, September 24, 2012


Sometimes I feel like Keanu Reeves in Speed... "You pick up a baby from day care. As you're walking to the car, you smell something strange wafting out of her diaper. You feel a wet sensation on your arm. You're now in the middle of nowhere, with one wipe left, and no change of clothes. WHAT DO YOU DO?"

In this case, I changed her on the back seat, left her a tad poopy, but got a fresh diaper on her. I heated up the car a bit, took her out of her poopy onesie and put her in just her coat for the drive home. Her pants weren't too poopy, so I kept those on her for warmth. It was not easy... She's almost as long as the entire backseat. There were arms and legs flailing, and when I finally got her back in her carseat, I realized there was poop on the back seat. She got very upset that I took the time to clean it, so I had to explain to her that if we ever wanted to sell this car some day, we better keep it as poop-free as possible. Shit smeared into the faux-suede seats will not up the resale value.

Made it home to a pretty normal afternoon and evening with the fam, but I'm still exhausted.

E went down on her own (with pink bunny) tonight ... It was so sweet!

Quote of the Day
"Everyone feeling safe over here?" (huge grin) -Safety-Audit Sam at work today.
Me: What is this a 1950s public service announcement? I wish I had brought a flamethrower to work today just so he had something to write down in his little notebook.

Listening To
The Mountains Win Again, Blues Traveler

Weather in VT
Sunny, cold!!

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