Sunday, September 23, 2012

Holy Crap. I'm a Mom.

Tried to save some money by doing our weekly shopping at Hannaford today. I'm pretty sure we spent half as much as we usually do at Shaws and got lots of food!

It was busy there today, but E's shrieks cleared the aisles for us! I finally had Mark take her so that I could get more shopping done on my own. He walked around the store with her and let her pick whatever she wanted from the shelves. When they found me again, she was holding English muffins and a 2-alarm chili kit. Hmm... I decided to stick to chicken and biscuits which I will make in my crock pot tomorrow.

I never followed up on my crock pot disaster from last week... when I had a cheery plan to make chicken and biscuits, a nice, comforting, fall meal. I put all my ingredients in the crock pot, turned it on, and awaited the smell of sweet and salty chicken gravy. Four hours later, when all I could smell in the air was the stale stench of dirty diapers, it occurred to me that there may be a problem -- the crock pot had never fired up! It just... fizzled out. I tried everything short of jumper cables to get it going again... but no luck (and didn't want to eat chicken that had been sitting out for 4 hours anyway). [Sidenote: My in-laws called the pizza place in town that night and ordered me dinner. How blessed am I?! Very!]

Today, after buying a new crock pot (which cost me $20 and 20 minutes of my time talking to some guy about how he opened every single crock pot box in the store to see which one wasn't dented and how he recommended the Hamilton Beach one, except you can't get the HB brand in red. You can only get the Crock Pot brand in red, and the Hamilton Beach ones were all silver, and only one of the silver ones wasn't dented. The only red HB one that wasn't dented was, well, the one that he was going to buy, so I was shit-outta-luck if I wanted a red one by Hamilton Beach that was $4 cheaper than the Crock Pot brand). I settled on the red Crock Pot one -- not because it was red, because it was HUGE.

But.. I got home and realized (after my magic bullet blender wasn't working either) that the problem was not my crock pot at all -- it was the outlet! The old crock pot works fine, and I have no reason to keep this new one other than the fact that it's... pretty, new, red, and holds 7-quarts (enough to feed 8+ people aka my in-laws and us!). I decided I may just have to keep it...

And suddenly it occurred to me... I am no longer a college student, a graphic designer, an artist, a musician, a Production Specialist; nor am I a quirky kid, a goofball, a sister, a daughter.

I'm a woman who cares an awful lot about crock pots and who thinks it's adorable that an 8-month old wanted to buy a 2-alarm chili kit... and who loved shopping with her family on a Sunday afternoon. I'm a wife. I'm a mom. Weird!

P.S. Ben & Jerry's did NOT have their Cannoli ice cream today! Ugh! They said maybe tomorrow. "That's okay," I said with a sigh... "I'll have one scoop of Milk and Cookies ice cream with hot fudge, 2 scoops of Coconut 7-Layer Bar ice cream... and I'll be back tomorrow for that Cannoli!" YOLO, as the kids are saying... I think.

Quote(s) of the Day
(In the parking lot at the grocery store after someone stole the parking spot we were waiting for)
Mark: Swiper, no swiping!!
Me: Been watching some Dora the Explorer have we?

Me: Why does our bathroom still smell like poop?
Mark: I don't know... Did you put a dirty diaper in the trash?
Me: I don't think so...
Mark: Maybe somebody took an upper decker.
Me: ...? Yeah, because we live in a frat house.

Listening To
E singing in the grocery store.

Weather in VT
Sunny, quite cool! Planes overhead, blue skies, and seagulls. E loves the seagulls.

E undoing all my folding today. Me not minding.

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