Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Smash Post

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Okay, so let's get all caught up with this week's happenings:

    1  The winner of the Extraordinary Print Giveaway was Danada! Thanks for entering!

    And stay tuned for some other amazing giveaways this summer!

    2  This giveaway helped raise money for the Bret Zeno fundraiser (more info at right). Bret's sister-in-law is hosting an incredible raffle over at her site, here. Check it out! The prizes are amazing, and you get to see some beautiful photos of Bret's family and the infamous baby bump! Go Zeno family!

    3  It was a beautiful Easter weekend, and we were blessed with warm weather, outdoor fun, and some quality family time! After Mark and I spent most of Saturday watching Diggers on the National Geographic channel (Oh, I had forgotten how glorious it is to have cable!), Mark and my dad spent most of Sunday with Dad's metal detector searching their new property for treasure. They found: an old bed spring, a button, an old can of Bud, and some fence posts. No get-rich-quick items, but it was some good, old-fashioned, country-livin' fun!

    And, it was super fun on Sunday to have all the girls together -- 4 cousins, all girls, under one roof! Mark and my dad were more than outnumbered. They were all on their best behavior, though! I even got some play time with our newest family member -- Baby Sarah. I showed her around my parents' new house -- mirrors, lights, and silly little songs to sing. I got lots of smiles and giggles out of her -- an aunt's dream! Haha!

    I also got to hear my father tell E some of my favorite childhood stories. Mark got a beautiful video of it, here.

    4  Now we're home, and I'm trying to jump back into Round 2 of my 21-Day Fix. I'm eating better already. I went to bed early last night, so I had time to get up this morning and get my apartment in order. I still have some picking up to do, but Mark did my dishes, and I'm feeling in control, which is just what I needed on this Tuesday morning.

    5  I even have my planner all updated, so I know about the BVT Moms Twitter Party tonight (9pm our time)! Read more about it, here -- hope to see you there! AND I'm picking up some bookshelves tonight from my friend who is moving. Busy, exciting day ahead!

    My least favorite thing about this planner, though, is the calendar page. I like to see a full-month calendar, so I put together this quick little monthly page that you can cut out and paste in your Moleskine bullet journal. You can download the PDF for free, here, and I made a second version with Sunday at the beginning of the week here! Print, cut-out, paste it in, and fill in your month info! I love it!

    6  Check out my latest blog post over at BVT Moms Blog (here)! I reminisce about games from my childhood and talk about alternatives to technology (and why I love it so much). Ha!

    7  Tonight, Mark and I will post our 3rd podcast. Yes, this time, we have planned it... (yawn). We're talking about technology -- growing up with it, our favorite video games, and how we're introducing it to our daughter -- healthy habits, etc.!

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