Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sea Glass and Sass

Today, my sassy toddler and I used some sea- and river-glass from my friend to make some mosaics. She gave us a bag full of pottery and glass she had found on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire and the Winooski River in Vermont.

We started working on pieces of plywood, but I wanted the translucent pieces of glass to glow, so we grabbed some old glass out of frames to glue on. I really like how these turned out! I did one with a beer-glass heart, and E did the one with white sea glass.

We just used non-toxic tacky glue (which promises to dry clear, though I have my doubts, may need to try a different glue), and I put the glass from the frame on a piece of plywood so that E wouldn't bump into it and cut herself -- it was a little sharp. She picked where she wanted the rocks to go and helped me squeeze the glue bottle.

When they dry, I'm going to glue the glass back into the frame and somehow add a hook to hang these in the window. Without the backing on the frame, I'm missing that hardware to hang it.

Still, a super-cheap and fun activity! It kept E busy for two hours, and I'm sure she'd love going to the river to look for our own pieces next time. I'm also going to pick up some more cheap frames at the Dollar Tree or Christmas Tree Shops.

Altogether, about a $3 project including the glue!

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