Saturday, April 5, 2014

YMIS Podcast 1

So, this is what happens when Mark and I decide to just "test out the microphone" to see if it "works well for singing."

Presenting our first (and possibly only) LIVE (but previously recorded) PODCAST!! (PG-13 Rating)

In this episode, we learn that Mark cannot harmonize with a song I've just made up that he's never heard before. How unprofessional. Also, I learn that "free-ballin'" doesn't mean what I thought it did (that it is in-fact the same thing as going commando, per the Urban Dictionary). Plus, it's "duly" noted NOT "dually" noted. I knew that, just testing Mark.

Thanks for listening! If you would actually enjoy (more structured) weekly episodes, please do let me know via Facebook, comments, or email!

Gretchin (and Mark)


Unknown said...

Oh no! And, to think I asked Mark only last week to help me learn to use my microphones for podcasts. Now I'm scared to ask for his help or yours.

Unknown said...

Ha! Well, in his defense, I don't think he knew that I was going to find a host, upload this, and post it to the blog in about 8 minutes. Lol!!