Sunday, April 6, 2014

Extraordinary Print Giveaway

Hi, friends!

I've been wanting to make this print for awhile now! It's all about transforming the "ordinary" into the "extraordinary" for your kids -- which we moms do every day in little and big ways!

Over the next 2 weeks, you can enter your name daily into this raffle to win this 8 x 10 print, a $20 value!

This giveaway is a little different than my other giveaways, so I ask that you please abide by the following guidelines--

This is a fundraising giveaway for Bret Zeno, my co-worker who is battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma B, Stage 2 and his wife, Carrie. They are expecting a baby this summer, too!


You can enter this giveaway 4 different ways (each day), per the Rafflecopter widget below:

First, you'll have to enter your email address (or Facebook login details), just so I know who you are. Only I will see those details in my raffle-entry list. Then, you'll have the options to:
  1. Tweet (or retweet) about the event, and you'll be entered once into the raffle!
  2. Share this post on Facebook, and you can enter once in the raffle (honor system).
  3. Donate $5 to the Bret Zeno Fundraiser using the link in the widget below, and you'll be entered 5 TIMES into the raffle!
  4. Donate $10 or more to the Fundraiser via the link, and you'll be entered 10 TIMES into the raffle!
Please note that, we're doing this mainly based on the honor system, so I appreciate your honesty! I'll trust that if you entered using option #3 or #4, that you did actually donate to the fund. If you entered by mistake for option #3 or #4 and can't make a donation -- no problem, just shoot me an email at, and I'll fix the error.

For more info about the Bret Zeno fundraiser, check out the GiveForward widget and link on the right side of my page.


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