Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Doc McElle

So, I know I've been missing for a few days. E and I are fighting Mommy-Daughter colds/viruses. It's been quite an adventure spending two straight days inside with a cranky two-year-old who both wants me and hates me at the same time. My Facebook post from this morning sums up our current sick status:

3:30am sinus explosion, and my voice is gone (I'm certain you needed to know this), but I'm ((happy)) because I can actually breathe again.

E has slept all night (so far), so maybe we're reaching a turning point!!!

Doctor says this is a nasty virus that's going around. We're clear for bronchitis and ear infections and other nasties. So that's good!

And as exhausting as it was taking my precocious toddler to the doctor's office yesterday, nothing makes me happier than watching her storm in there with her toy Doc McStuffins doctor bag and tell the nurses and doctors how to do their jobs.

"Hey, it's my turn!" "You need to check my ears now."

I can't believe this is my child!! On Saturday we were in line at the cafe, and she told an eager woman behind us to "wait her turn." I said all the things I was supposed to say per my parenting rule book (eye roll), but I giggled all the way through my lesson, because she was absolutely right. Wait your turn, Lady!

ALSO, if you've been missing us, tune in to the bvtmomsblog Instagram page (here)! E and I have taken it over for the day so that you can get a glimpse into a "day in the life" of the Strange family!

The pic above is my favorite so far. Happy E, while I draw funny pics of Daddy eating Rice "Krippies" out of a monstrous bowl.

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