Thursday, April 19, 2012


Me to Mark: So I signed up for Blogsvertise and... (giggles) Sometimes before I tell you something, I hear it from your point of view, and it makes me laugh.
Mark (the logical one) shakes his head and says: Continue.
Me: So I signed up for Blogsvertise. It's an advertising system for your blog. They give you *tasks* to complete, and you make money for completing them. But the thing is, you don't just get money from people clicking the links. They have to fill out a form or buy a product for you to earn money and for it to count as a completed task.
Mark: Okay...
Me: The thing is, no one's going to do that. Who would be dumb enough to first click a web ad then fill out a form? Nobody.
Mark: So how did you hear about this?
Me: I found a link on the Mommy Blogs site I visit.
Mark: Did you have to fill out a form to sign up?
Me: What? Well, yeah I... ... Oh my God.
Mark: Congratulations, you completed your first task.
Me: (gasp) I did!!! I'm an idiot.

Mark: And what do you get when someone completes a task?
Me: Money. You know, $5 each time someone completes a task.
Mark: You mean, "Blogsvertise Bucks"??
Me: (laughing) No, its real money...
Mark: I guarantee that one million Blogsvertise Bucks equals a "chance to win" one of 3 plastic lamps.


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