Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Church Street Checklist

Over the weekend, we went to Panera's on Church Street in Burlington. We sat at the window and people-watched for a long time.

We saw so many interesting folks that we thought you may have fun spotting them too. During your next visit, see if you can find the following:


Church Street Checklist
  • A guy on crutches dancing
  • A couple walking barefoot
  • 10 women not wearing bras
  • A kid with a green smoothie
  • A woman dancing with her dog
  • Someone climbing a statue
  • A guy doing a handstand on a two-story stack of chairs
  • Anyone talking about eating "only organic" foods
  • A man not wearing pants
  • A man pretending to make love to his Ben & Jerry's ice cream cone
  • 5 people with dreadlocks
  • A severely sunburned woman, eating pizza
  • Someone urinating
  • A couple both wearing socks and sandals
  • Someone picking up dog poop
 Bonus Points Awarded for the Following:
  • A guy falling from a two-story stack of chairs  
  • A boombox
  • Clown glasses
  • An abandoned crepe
  • Champ, the Lake Monster
Thanks to Krista for her help with these!

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