Friday, June 7, 2013

Yoohoo! I See You!

(shivers) What is it about talking baby toys that makes them so creepy when there's no baby around? My mother-in-law got E this cute, little dog when E was about 6-months-old. She would sit and jabber away at it as it responded with sweet, little phrases like, "I love you!" and "Hello, friend!"

But, the other day when I was home alone sorting baby toys in E’s room, his voice took on a new tone... it was a little less "happy-baby-entertainer" and a lot more "psycho-serial-killer." (gulp)

I threw him into the bottom of a Tupperware bin and began filling it with other stuffed animals as I hurried to get through this one organizational task before the end of my hour lunch break.

Then, a voice: “You’re my friend!

AHH! I jumped, fell back against the wall, and looked for a weapon. Within my reach was a metal bar that once was a support for the canopy over E’s bassinet. I grasped it in my right hand, holding my left over my heart, trying to catch my breath.

Yoohoo… I see you.

I gasped, then looked around me, but no one was there… “Grandpa, is that you?"

Hand! Foot! Ear!

What!? Who is this sicko!? He must be naming off parts he’s going to remove from my body!! Deep breath, deep breath.

When I finally calmed down (and found no evidence of an intruder), I traced the voice to the Tupperware bin and realized that all of Laugh and Learn Puppy’s sensors were being triggered by the stuffed animals piled on top of him.

I moved him to the top of the pile, scolded him for the scare, and quickly locked the tub lid, with padlock and duct tape. Then I put the entire tub into a wooden crate which I secured with nails and 3 more padlocks (just in case).

His reply: “Yay!!!!

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