Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Few New Things

Just a few new blog things... all just FYI stuff:

  • On your left (points), you'll see a new pic of me -- riding on a ferry in the back seat of my car, trying to take pics of me and the lovely E. I'm trying to make her pretend to want to hug me long enough to get a cute pic. She seems more interested in... a raisin stuck to the floormat.
  • My "About Me" blurb and page has been updated, but it's kind of a work in a progress, as usual.
  • Due to craploads of spam, my "Popular Posts" section on the far right was a bit inaccurate. My "Hahaha! *sob*" post, while worth a little chuckle, hardly makes my Top 10 list. It seems that my blog has been listed on a popular "Top Blog Posts" site. I thought this was a good thing, but a quick Google search revealed that it's basically a cyber house of ill-repute. Spammers and other web hobos hang out there and use the list to post their comments on my blog. Every day I have to weed through the list of comments. "Your blog good stuff you write. Visit my site." They could at least read the post... Hahaha! *sob* is about roadkill, and the comment was, "Wow! This post gives great information on the topic that most interests me!" Right.

    Anyway, I created my own Most Popular Posts... Ever list, that actually lists my most-viewed posts (minus giveaways and obviously-spammed articles). I'll update it on my own as other posts climb the charts. :-)

Thanks for reading!

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