Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happiness is...

Ottoman by Vampire weekend... "Today is for you." Yes, I think I'll take today. Just for me...
Last night I got about 4 hours of interrupted sleep. Mark tried to get up with E, and she screamed hysterically until I woke up and got her. Dada just wouldn't do -- I had to calm her down first.
Though I'm far from perfect, I am the mom who will sing all the songs from Blues Clues to my daughter at 2am to calm her down, and lay awake with her for hours (even while saying, "E, this is ridiculous!").
Mark and I wrote this song for her the first day we heard her heartbeat, a mix of all my anxieties about parenthood, and a few promises to her that I intend to keep!
Rain keeps a-fallin' on this dreary day
But I can't stop smilin' 'cause I met you
And sun keeps a-callin' me from far away
Promise of happy days with you
And I... will wait for you
And I will stay awake with you
And I will be right by your side
And I will start the day with you
And I will run away with you
I'll be yours, and you'll be mine
But rain keeps a-fallin' on this dreary day
And I'm fallin' more in love with you
And sun keeps a-callin' me from far away
Promise of happy days with you!


KJ Gifford said...

All I can say is I love you... That is beautiful and I am sobbing once again. Good promises well kept.

Gretchin said...

Aww!! The hardest line for me to sing is "I will wait for you." Putting all my trust in her for 9 months and just waiting was the hardest thing I've ever done! :-)