Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some Call It Parental Abuse. We Call It Bedtime.

So, 3 days ago E started refusing her pacifier. We think she figured out that it makes her fall asleep, and she'd rather stay up with us. She used to occasionally do that, but now she's quit, cold turkey! She won't go to sleep without it, so I've been on a mad hunt to find a transition object quickly... Bunny, bear, dog, blankie... Nothing has worked -- except passing out from exhaustion.

Tonight I think I found the perfect combination of factors: Radio on pretty loud (U2 was most successful -- Daddy's girl!), rocking fast in time to the music, her big toe stuck in my armpit, one hand holding onto my shirt collar, and the other around my neck, holding onto my ponytail. Success!

Quote of the Day
CW: Wow, your hair is huge today.
Me: I've been listening to 80s music.

Listening To
We Belong, Pat Benatar

Weather in VT
Sunny but cold! First snow yesterday!

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