Thursday, September 26, 2013

How I Use My iPhone

This is how I use my iPhone as a mom on the go!

First, I move all of the apps that I don't use regularly to folders and put those folders on the second screen, so I can access them quickly by swiping to the right. This also clears up my home screen for a beautiful photo of my family!

  • I use the Clock app to wake up bright and early at 6:30!
  • The Calendar has my appointments for the day, and any morning Reminders pop up. I pull my calendar from my Gmail account. I love this, because it's separate from my work calendar, and I can add any new appointments via my Gmail calendar from my desktop computer (so, no typing in all my appts on my tiny iphone keyboard -- only when I absolutely have to)!
  • While I get ready, I check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messages, and my blog via BlogGo to approve any comments. I can work while I brush my teeth!
  • I check the Weather to see how we should dress for the day and take any cute pics of E's outfit with the amazing new 5S Camera! I tend to use my iPhone camera way more often than my digital SLR mainly for the convenience!
Off We Go
  • Once in the car, I can't live without Siri. If I've forgotten anything, I can use the voice commands for hands-free calling and texting.
  • E loves playing games on the way to day care. We have a 15-minute drive. Apps she loves:
    Tiny Monsters, Endless ABC, KidsDoodle, Trucks, Real Chalk, Drawing Carl, and Bug Builder.
  • Once I drop off E, I sometimes realize that I'm running late. I have my work Email on my phone (but no alerts set up, so I'm not bothered by work email unless I need to be!). I send off a quick message to my team letting them know I'll be 5 minutes behind schedule.
  • I answer any text messages from friends asking me to pick up some Dunkin' Donuts, and then I head to the office!
At the Office
  • Once settled, headphones go in, and I listen to Music, Pandora, Podcasts, and Netflix shows/movies. My day job involves a lot of email and data entry, so I love being able to zone out a bit!
  • Long bathroom visits warrant some games: DoubleDown Casino, Coin Dozer, Water?, Bingo, Yahtzee, and Doodle Fit are some faves!
  • Hootsuite is one of my all-time favorite social media sites/apps. It's discrete if you have to check quickly from work, it allows you to post to all your social media sites at once, and it has auto-scheduling. I can write a blog post the night before then auto-post it when the majority of my readers and followers are online. The only downside is that your friends spread rumors about you being a horrible parent for apparently being online all day. Ha!
After Work
  • I'm on part-time hours, so after work I go for a walk or run. I use my PRT - Personal Running Trainer app to keep me on task! Or I just listen to music/podcasts while I walk/run.
  • Home to pick up the apartment! I use my AppleTV Remote app to put on music or a TV show to clean to. Sometimes I just take 10 minutes to play a game or update my blog.
  • Then off to get E!
After Day Care
This is generally phone-free time!
  • Maps is handy for finding new parks, directions to new stores or other places we want to visit like museums, the airport, etc.!
  • I ask Siri what the forecast is in case there's a chance we may get rained out at the park.
  • Facetime lets us have the occasional afternoon visit with Grammie who is just getting home from work.
After E's Bed-Time
  • Most days, I can't resist posting at least some photos throughout the afternoon, but I usually reserve photo-editing time for after E's bed time. Here are all my favorite photo apps!
    Instagram -- for all it is! And I like that it shares to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously
    Camera+ -- for editing, sorting
    Afterlight -- for editing, filters
    Diptic -- for making collages
    Squareready -- for cropping, prepping for Instagram
  • For design, I like:
    Over (or Overgram) -- for adding text
    Adobe Kuler -- creates a color palette based on a photo
    Flipboard -- design news for inspiration
    I answer all my freelance email on my phone and can keep up with clients throughout the day, even though I work mornings at my day job! Once E is in bed, photos posted, it's time to tackle my freelance assignments!
  • Reading
    Kindle -- I use the app when I can't actually find my Kindle
    News -- I haven't really found a news app that I love, but NBC News is okay.
    BBC News -- nice, well-rounded, world-view news!
    TMZ -- shut up...
    The Onion -- news parody!
  • Shopping
    Amazon is really the only shopping app I use. I have E's entire Christmas wishlist done.
  • Intuitive Apps
    Psychic Tarot is my favorite, and I've had some great readings with it!
And, that's it! Or, at least those are the most important ones -- the ones I decided to bring over to my new phone. Thanks to those of you who asked about the photo apps I use. If you want any more information about which apps I use, help with using them, or advice for photographing your little ones, just leave a comment or shoot me an email at Happy Apping!

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