Monday, September 30, 2013

Foliage Monday

Today, E and I went over to the Percy Farm Corn Maze. I had no idea how warm it had gotten and was wearing a big sweater. E was still sporting long sleeves and pants from the cool morning, too. We walked down the rec path and over the foot bridge. I stopped to take a photo and got yelled at by a woman on a bike, "You're on the wrong side!!" she screamed as she rode past me and E. "And a fine day to you, milady!!" I called after.

Huh? I didn't even think she was talking to me at first. Then I realized that I was technically on the wrong side of the path, but I had clearly walked to that side to take a photo. It really made no difference. It particularly made no difference because there was no one else on the path, we weren't on a blind curve, and there was more than enough room to simply go around us, as we had stepped almost completely off the path. She was also with her (maybe 4-year-old) daughter who (take notes, lady) kindly rode by me with a friendly smile.

I tried not to let it, but it kind of put a damper on my happy fall moment. E and I continued to the Corn Maze. I could lead you to believe that we spent the day meandering through the winding rows of corn, but I will always be honest with you -- we took one look and thought, "Nah..." When I explained to E that we would just be walking through rows of corn, she didn't seem too excited about it. It's just her age. She was more into seeing the running water at the river. I also couldn't bring my street stroller through. The ground was too rough. I thought I might wait until she was a little older. We walked the rec path instead, along the river. It was nice and peaceful and just what we needed.

Outside the Corn Maze, you could pay $.25 to feed some goats. E was quite content with that experience, and it only cost me a quarter. All and all, it was a great day.

Stay tuned -- tomorrow we'll make fall leaves with some paint and paper towel. E will create her own war paint and fight me at the Battle of I Want to Eat Paint, where she will undoubtedly succeed in a temporary victory.

Here are some more pics from our day!

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