Monday, September 23, 2013

Bills and Apps

This was a fun, little game we came up with this afternoon that kept E busy for about a half hour: I took some of our junk mail and let E write on it, open envelopes, fill out "forms," and put stamps (stickers) on each envelope. I even let her use a real pen, as long as she was careful. That made her happy! We also wrote "letters," and played bank. She pretended to sign papers and punch in her pin number on my calculator. Free fun!

For even more fun, return all the scribbled-on, sticker-covered junk mail to sender.

We also downloaded a new app this week that she loves. It keeps her busy in the car, and it has just the right level of interactivity for her age. It's called "Trucks" by Duck, Duck, Moose. It includes a few different games. E's favorite is one that involves moving a car through a mud puddle then a car wash. Your child can move the car or simply tap the screen to trigger the car wash tools. Check it out in the Apple app store.

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