Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quick (and by quick, I mean long) Update!

I. Am. Exhausted. But I have to write a little lot of something.

Monday and Tuesday nights I stayed up and worked on my design blog. I've gotten 4 new requests to join LinkedIn, and I didn't want to do that without having my site in some kind of professional format. I also had some good inspiration from my sister-in-law at She recently redesigned her site, and it looks great!

Mine is nothing super fancy, but it's designy enough and gets the job done. And I'm excited to update it with new design work. Right now I have lots of old work on there, but it's somethin'!

I tried Adobe Muse for the first time. I thought of it as an upgraded version of Image Ready, but it actually does tons more -- some really nifty things to streamline coding, etc., which I know (almost) nothing about. Still, like the old Image-Ready designed sites, this one is very graphics heavy, but if anyone's accessing it on dial up, they have more problems than I can even begin to accommodate.

In other news, I'm still updating the Dream Diary. I'm kind of down on myself for falling in love with a hobby so quickly (as usual) and devoting so much time (including blog time) to it.

At the same time, this is one of the traits I like best about myself -- my willingness to try anything new, to steer my ship in a new direction without fear! And I promised myself that I wouldn't freak out if this blog didn't have a focus. The entire purpose of this blog was to write more. I've never stuck with any project as long as I've stuck with YMIS, and that's saying something! So, instead of running away from YMIS and becoming some crystal-ball-gazing gypsy who blogs about her Spirit guides (still can't believe that happened in the last 2 weeks), I decided to incorporate it as part of the blog.

I feel like YMIS and me are officially an old married couple -- and we came to a compromise. I know this sometimes means that I'll be neglecting this blog to update my dream diary, and I'm okay with that -- this is my journal, my world. I do hope my readers will take an interest in both, but if not, I'll just remind myself that this wasn't why I came here in the first place.

Speaking of the Dream Diary, regardless of the conclusion of finishing the book (I'm getting there!), I do feel more at peace in my life than I've felt in a long time. When I get angry or lose my temper, I feel uncomfortable with it and can't dwell in that state for long, and I'm happy about that.

Did I say quick post? Yeah, right. I should know myself better!

For those of you wondering about E, she's doing great! She's almost 11 months old, which means I started this blog almost a year ago too! She's had some separation anxiety with day care but overall is doing fantastic. She's an amazing kid, and I love her more every day.

Her recent obsession is bouncy balls. She gets as many as she can in her arms and carries them around the house. She looks like a giant sun with planets orbiting her. Some days I feel like one of those planets. She is literally the center of my universe.

Weather in VT
There's a little snow sticking this week, and we're due to get more tonight!

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Ain't No Mountain High Enough! (plus E laughing at my dancing) (best combo ever)

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