Monday, November 19, 2012

I Bought a $9 Seal.

E is absolutely obsessed with bouncy balls lately. I took her to the toy store today to find a medium sized one that I could fit in my purse to keep her busy at doctor appointments, etc.

When we got inside, she started going "oooh!!" at *everything*. She finally spotted a plastic seal toy that made her ecstatic. I let her hold it then told her we needed to pick out a ball. We went to the front of the store where they had a few different bins, and we sat on the floor. She picked her favorite one but wouldn't let go of the seal.

I told her to pick *one* toy and held out the seal and ball for her to choose. She grabbed both. I tried again, and she quickly took both. Finally I said, "We need to put the seal back..." She tightened her grip on the seal in her left hand, ball in the right, and squirmed away from me. Before I could catch her, she quickly got down on her belly and started crawling out of the store on her elbows, holding both toys in her hands! It was the strangest military crawl I've ever seen, but it served its purpose. Fourteen dollars later we left with the ball... and the seal.

I told the store owner, "I'll do better next time." Her response: "So will she..."

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