Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It Doesn't Matter Who You Voted For if...

...you're a moron.

Before I go to bed, one quick rant...

Though I am personally pleased with the outcome, this has been one of the worst election seasons I've been through in my life. The Facebook candidate bashing was pointless and ridiculous on both sides.

But what got me the most was the downright stupidity of people.

I saw people who fully supported a candidate's views/plans vote opposite because of rumors and false information... from Facebook. Are we really that naive??

Side note: I thought chain letters and email hoaxes went out of style in 89. Why are they resurfacing? Are we getting dumber?

And the cherry on top of the crap pie: One of my friends who repeatedly bashed Obama throughout the election and made my FB days a living hell with constant negative and false political blasts just wrote, after the results were in, "Can't we all just get along, be mature, and respect the losing candidate?"

Yep. I have from Day 1 by never opening my mouth, by letting FB be my place to share stories and laughs with the friends and family members I love -- by keeping politics out of it.

Now I feel obligated to go to her house and spray paint, "Romney eats poop" on her front door... Not because of any hatred I feel for Romney -- I would have accepted and respected him as a president. I surely wouldn't text all my friends racist comments nor blast someone's inbox with photos
of him punching babies... But just to even the playing field a bit... and because of the sheer fact that people are morons, and I'm terrified that will never change, and that no president is going to be able to fix the ignorance in this world...

This is why I want to spray paint profanity on someone's house and why I'm blogging angrily at midnight... Now to get back to the important things like sleeping... And this.

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