Friday, November 30, 2012

Or, Just Like a Baby

E has finally gotten to the pointing stage, or at least it's the first I've noticed it. She points in the general direction of what she wants and lets out this cry of desperation. I try to resist scrambling like crazy to find the one item to make her happy, but I do patiently try each item I think she wants.

She takes my best-guessed object, which sometimes temporarily pacifies her, then usually throws it on the floor awaiting my next try.

But, hey, we're communicating! And when I guess right, it's bliss and baby harmony for at least 15 minutes until the game starts over again.

She's also using her words more, which is great! A few weeks ago, I shared our progress with my mom, describing the word games and our use of flash cards and sign language.

Mom's response: It's just like Helen Keller!

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