Monday, July 7, 2014

Where Am I?

Excuse me while I hold my eyes open this morning. I drank too much tea before bed and didn't fall asleep until 2am after an extremely busy weekend, heading into a too-early wake up on Monday.

My tummy is angry, my eyes feel heavy, and all the caffeine in the world isn't helping. It's just making my brain work faster while my face falls asleep. I'm sure I could tackle any advanced-level mathematics question you throw at me this morning, but the answer would probably just come out as, "Yes, more watermelon please (yawn)."

Other than that, the sun is shining, and all is bright, cheery, and beautiful! Who cares if I'm too groggy to enjoy it?

We had a great weekend with family, and I loved sharing some super special experiences with my toddler -- like taking her to the drive-in to see the 1985 Goonies movie! She didn't quite make it to the end, but she got to experience the best of it -- like eating popcorn, french fries, and cotton candy in Auntie Bee's car with her cousins.

Halfway through the movie, she started yelling, "Dad!! Hey, Dad!" Mark got out of our car and walked over to Bee's, expecting that Ellie was done with the movie and ready to go home. But instead, she yelled, "I need some more popcorn!" When Mark got back to our car, we had a long talk about how we managed to raise a teenager in only 2 years. What a funny kid!

We also got to ride bikes, play, visit the Montshire museum and waterpark, and sit in Uncle Paul's police car. All around, a great weekend!

And coming up this week/month:
  • On the BVT Moms Blog:
    -I show you how to make a toddler mailbox out of a K-Cup box!
    -E and I will be reviewing a box of toys from Little Pnuts!
    -I'll share some tips for cooking with a toddler for the Growing Up Gourmet series!
  • I have a consultation for my free pin-up photo shoot with Zinfandel Photography today. Can't wait!
  • The Two Potters Vase Giveaway is done, but I've yet to choose a winner -- this week! Please be patient with me, dear friends!
  • I've updated the Mama Doodle page so that all doodle resources are easy to find and in one place. I've also included the doodle-a-day July list from Rhi Creations. It's so perty!
  • For those of you following the design portfolio, I've uploaded the first (official) draft of a new pottery website I'm working on (here).
  • Kim and I are taking a class this coming Saturday about drawing/creating creatures... I think. She signs me up for all kinds of things. I usually just say, "Yep, uh-huh, sure" and know that a good time is guaranteed. Ha!
  • Also, on Saturday, I'm supposed to get my tattoo... maybe. If I like what the artist comes up with.
I think that's it for now besides the normal every-day stuff like trying to raise a little person who doesn't scream, swear, and beat people with pool noodles. I'm assured by friends, family, and licensed professionals that all she needs is consistency, love, and guidance, or was it... consistency, love, and cupcakes? Hmm. *scratches head* Whatever.

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