Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pinterest Love

Photo from this (amazing) blog!!
I'm probably the first person to ever blog about this. Ha. I love Pinterest. When I first started using it, it was fun to find photos that I liked and save them to my boards, but I didn't really GET it. I didn't see how it could be an incredible resource for everything I've ever wanted to do. Ever.

I mean, beyond making amazing craft projects (no Pinterest fails or cake wrecks for me yet, thanks), there's an overwhelming amount of artwork out there and tutorials for how to draw everything. If I want to keep making watercolor cows, I can, and there are tons of images to build from.

Also, I came across the Alisa Burke blog today. A fellow blogspot friend! I added her to my bloglovin feed immediately.

Why, you ask? Um, she has a post about making a doodled dishwasher, and the photos of her daughter are adorable. AND the pics of her working on the dishwasher are melt-your-heart worthy.

Bloglovin is also a new obsession. The site is great. The app is amazing and, if you want, they'll send you an email newsletter daily with the most recent updates from all your favorite blogs. If you check it out, please add mine to your reading list using the button to the right.

Other things... I've wanted to have my own art studio now for awhile (with free art space, classroom space, and a gallery), so I'm working on some (really) long term goals for building a house with an attached studio. It's my ultimate dream, so I've got some time.

Meanwhile, I'm considering putting together an online art studio with tutorials and demonstrations from around the web because, hey, it's cheaper than building a house/studio. Maybe my "Happy Muddled Mess" site can become a reality with a little hard work and design inspiration. Rolling up my sleeves over here! Ideas welcome!

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