Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Final Chore Chart

It helps if you sing it to the tune of The Final Countdown. "The Final Chore Chart...! Naow naow naow naow! Noaw-naow naow naow naow!"

This new flip chore-chart was a huge hit this morning until my toddler exhibited her insane talent for remembering icons and demanded to know where the toothbrush and mop had gone, that were clearly printed on the previous chore chart.

I explained that I didn't have room for those icons and that "brushing teeth" was part of getting dressed and ready. Mopping (or sweeping) go together.

"I'd like to mop now, please," she stated seriously, ready to take on her chores.

The main reason I created this chart is to get her to accomplish the task of dressing herself in the morning, saving me time so that I can make lunches, but this has been easily avoided with clever distractions for Mommy, like these 100% true examples:

  • "I'd like to mop now, please," as previously stated.
  • "I found a Cheerio on the floor. An ant is eating it."
  • "Oh no! I spilled milk... everywhere."
  • "Can I poop on everything in here?"
  • "Mama! There's something in my bum!"

I rushed to her room when she yelled that last one, relieved to find out it was a false alarm, and totally unprepared to have a conversation about normal anatomy. I'm still practicing my anti-anxiety breathing exercises as I type this.

Thirty minutes later, when she had finally dressed herself, she came flying out of her room, a blur of pink carried by Batman shoes, to twirl proudly in the kitchen in front of us, displaying her extreme talent for getting ready "all by myself!" Of course, we praised her. She had done it... eventually. "Tomorrow, better listening, please..."

She flipped up the flap on her chore chart for dressing herself, oh, and mopping, and asked about her prize. I told her she had 2 more chores to complete -- helping with dishes and picking up toys, later this afternoon.

I told her that I had chores to do too, like making lunches and packing her day care bag, that I was working hard to finish them.

She said, "And when you do, I will be so impressed!"

Yay me!

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