Sunday, January 12, 2014

Zentangle Letter Tutorial

Hi, friends! A few of you wrote and asked how I created the letter/name Zentangle design that I posted on Instagram, FB, and Twitter this week. First of all, thanks so much for asking and for the positive feedback!

The original letter design is from the book: The Zentangle Untangled Workbook: A Tangle-a-day to Draw Your Stress Away, by Kass Hall, in which she has a "W" as an example.

I drew a much larger "E," added the cursive name, and made the little dots cascade into it. Though it's hard to tell here, I used graph paper, which helped to draw a straight letter without sketching it in pencil first. I particularly like how the straight edges of the letter contrast with the round spirals, but I will try a big cursive letter at some point, too!

Below is a smaller version I made with a "T" to show you how I completed this design. On a bigger scale, the effect is much more beautiful, but this at least shows you the individual steps.

I'm not sure this is exactly how Kass Hall intended the design to be executed, but that's the best part of Zentangle -- coming up with your own method. If your pattern varies from one you're copying, it still works as long as you continue your pattern. And, of course, it makes it your own, which is always nice! I hope you find this tutorial helpful!

If you post your own design via Instagram, feel free to tag it #kasvtgallery, so that we can display your beautiful work in our Gallery, here!

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