Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Random Thoughts Rainy Monday

Actually, now it's Wednesday, and I'm still holding onto some of this "blahness" from the rainy Monday. What is this funk, this sleepy but restless gunk? After-holiday overwhelm-ment? Wait, is there no way to use "overwhelmed" as a noun? Do I have to say... "inundation"? Ugh. Maybe it's Post-Turkey Stress Disorder. That must be a real thing.

It's like my head is so filled with ideas, projects, and beautiful landscapes to explore that my body just falls into some kind of hibernation while my mind sails away.

Maybe I'm coming down with something.

Anyway, I'm already bored with my Happy Muddled Mess site. Is that even possible? Is it just this mood I'm in? So, I decided to just import the HMM posts here, back to YMIS, my ever-faithful, always-accepting friend.

I went back to the drawing board. Since my mind is very visually-focused right now, I decided to meditate and let my "spirit guides" or "subconscious" or "higher power" or the "lords of the dance," whatever, help point me in the right direction.

Do you know what I saw? A birdhouse. Yep. Just a birdhouse, perched on a branch in a cartoony, bright, colorful scene, like a still from a Disney movie.

Ok, say this is my "sign" from the universe, the one thing that I should pursue with conviction? Does it matter? I mean, could it be anything? Could it have been a wooden toy train or a mailbox? If I pursued each of these things with conviction, would the result be the same? Is it only about pursuing something, anything, with passion?

If so, I'm scared... My passion for projects is short-lived. Though, if I could trust in this vision, of sorts, maybe my passion would last a little longer. I might feel swayed by the universe to become a master birdhouse builder.

It's all about my interpretation, really, anyway. I could see a birdhouse and decide to build boats, because birds fly over boats, or lighthouses, which equally assist in guiding different species to safety.

What if it's symbolic? What if it means that I should put together a community program that would support moms and future generations of mothers? Birds have been such a strong symbol of motherhood to me throughout my pregnancy and after. And, before my cousin had her triplets, a bird built a nest on her porch where she raised her 3 little baby birds.

Birds, birds, birds... "Put a bird on it." "Bird is the word." "Blackbird singing in the dead of niiiight..."

I yawn, rest my weary head in my hand, and play with my necklace -- which I just realized is a purple pendant with a bird on a branch. "Bird brain."

Also, do you know how many birdhouses are on Etsy? Answer: a lot.

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