Monday, July 15, 2013

My Running Playlist

Ugh, now we're all fighting this nasty summer flu/virus/cold thing -- coughing, congestion, headaches, exhaustion, and fever. So, there's not much to write about other than me wanting to cry, and E using every ounce of her little toddler strength to get me to use every ounce of my waning energy to play with her...

So, just for the sake of actually updating my blog... Here is my running playlist.

Disclaimer: These are just songs that make me happy. They're not all upbeat, but they make my heart jump up and down which consequently makes my legs want to do the same thing:

A-Punk -- Vampire Weekend (just peppy)
After Hours -- We Are Scientists
Be My Baby -- The Ronettes (E's song)
Blue -- The Jayhawks (best surprise, heart-soaring chord changes...)
Brand New Key -- Melanie (My mom used to sing this to me.)
Come On Eileen -- Dexy's Midnight Runners (No explanation required.)
Danger Zone -- Top Gun Soundtrack, Kenny Loggins, I think (yup)
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright -- Peter, Paul, & Mary (There is nothing better than being stopped at the station, waiting for the train to pass by, watching people go about their daily lives, and being caught in my own, serene moment, with this song. It took my breath away.)
For The Girl -- The Fratellis (upbeat fun!)
Grace Kelly -- Mika (It's okay to be awkward, goofy me.)
Great Balls of Fire -- Top Gun Soundtrack (Jerry Lee Lewis) (um, amazing)
Hangin' Tough -- New Kids on the Block (Torn between refusing to explain myself and writing, "Awkward pre-teen fun!")
Ho Hey -- The Lumineers (happiness)
Jump in the Line -- Harry Belafonte (How dancy!)
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' -- Journey (No explanation required.)
Popsicle -- New Kids on the Block (I know, but see above...)
Step By Step -- New Kids on the Block (Yeah, I know... but see above) 
That's Not My Name -- The Ting Tings (Yeah, I was that girl...)
We Belong -- Pat Benatar (80s love!)

So, basically, this was me running on Saturday... This is how happy this music makes me. And, until I get some better running gear, I'll be sporting his same exact outfit and using my umbrella to smack people off the sidewalk, so I can get through. Isn't life grand?


Anonymous said...

I think you need a little Kick Drum Heart by my boyfriends. I see you already 3 from some of my other boyfriends from my past...

AdminG said...

Hahaha! Yes, that used to be on my workout list! I need to add it! I had Salina on there too -- forgot about that one. I just loooove that song!