Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of Exhaustion!

What a day! Got up early to make the parade in Mark's hometown, then out to eat for lunch, where E ran around inside and outside, ate ice cream, and played with her cousins -- back to Mark's parents' house for more of the same -- pool and hose time, playing with the dogs, toys, piano, typical baby chaos as E got into anything and everything. Mark finally got her to go down for a "nap" at 4:45pm. She slept 45 minutes then woke up crying, "Show me Nini! Show me Bee!" Ok, more play time and chasing the dogs. Out to dinner at the local pizza shop, where she had run of the little dining room and played with her cousins more. Mark and I could barely keep up. We got in the car, and E insisted on playing every baby road trip game I could think of and singing every song I know. Finally, 5 minutes from home, 2 hours past her bedtime, my eyes starting to close, she starts hitting my arm.

"Mama! Mama!"

"Huh. What?"

All bright-eyed and happy, she yells, "I go park!?"

Mark and I died laughing. I brought her in the door, changed her diaper, put her in bed, and she rolled over and fell right to sleep. I'm next!

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