Sunday, July 7, 2013

Etsy Changes

Hi all,

A few new things about my Etsy shop:

I looove Etsy's new digital download feature. I've updated all of my digital downloads so that you can download them immediately, instead of waiting for me to email them!

I also have a new item listed -- a print option. You can purchase it to order a hard-copy print of any of my digital files.

In other news, E woke up with a fever today. She sounds congested and is having a hard time sleeping. I'm realizing that having a sick toddler is entirely different than having a sick baby. She cries and cries, and even though she's doing great with her words, she's still struggling to tell me what's bothering her. She spent most of the morning crying and wanting to be held. Distracting her worked best, so we played lots of games -- her favorite was baking "coffee" (k-cups) in her play oven. We took her for a long walk in the stroller, and she even went down the slide a few times at the park, but she's not 100% herself.
Looks like I'll be getting one more "vacation" day until her fever breaks.

I hope to be back up and running and blogging more frequently by mid-week. :-)

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